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Ecological Assessment of the Mutha River Front and The Rivulet at The Nanded City, Pune

The Nanded City is located about 13 km towards the southwest of Pune City along the Sinhagad Road. RANWA was assigned to do ecological survey of the Mutha right bank (the river front of the Nanded City) and Nanded rivulet. Rigorous assessment of the ecological status of the Mutha river channel was carried out. RANWA also specified practical suggestions to conserve and enhance the existing floral and faunal wealth in the wake of future developmental activities.
The objectives of the project were as follows:

1.    To identify existing and potential green habitats including geomorphic features of interest
2.    To make floristic inventory that includes unique, endemic, and invasive elements
3.    To make faunal inventory covering mainly butterflies, fish, birds, and mammals
4.    To assess the water quality
5.    To identify eco-sensitive habitats, zones, species

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